Achievements at 100 Hooper


Platinum Core & Shell

Carbon Neutral Operations

Did you know that the entire Kilroy portfolio – including 100 Hooper – has been operating on a carbon-neutral basis since 2020? We are proud of this accomplishment and our longstanding focus on sustainability in building design and operations.

We focus on the following strategies to achieve carbon neutral operations:

To learn more about our sustainability programs see our annual Sustainability Report available for download on our Website:

Green Cleaning

Kilroy Realty has always used the most advanced green cleaning products and practices in all of our buildings. We are constantly searching for the latest information on green cleaning and update our cleaning services whenever we see an opportunity to further minimize the environmental impact of our custodial practices. 100 Hooper has an excellent Green Cleaning program which can be reviewed in our Energy Management System.

Indoor Air Quality

Optimal indoor air quality is vital to good health and cognitive function. We at Kilroy Realty recognize this and as such, have a robust building health program that promotes and verifies great indoor air quality (IAQ). You can find our full IAQ policy here. You can also visit the EPA’s website to learn what you can do to improve the indoor air quality in your workspace or home.

Integrated Pest Management Plan

Pest control is an important strategy for maintaining IAQ because both pests and pesticides can cause health problems. The building strives to minimize pesticide use and utilize non-chemical options where feasible. To learn more about our Integrated Pest Management Policy please visit our Environmental Management System.


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